The Art of Work

  • Transforming the world of work and careers
  • Improving capability for the new world of work
  • Creating engagement through careers
  • Creating agile and resilient organisations
  • Work done differently

Shift Happens

The world of work is changing rapidly. All around us, new technology, economic challenges and globalisation have created a very different workplace. Expectations are changing and shifting in a world now operating 24/7.

So, in these turbulent times, what do you need to do to meet the challenges? Our extensive experience shows that a fresh approach is needed to the way we all connect with the world of work and careers. Quite simply it’s about ‘work done differently’.

We Believe

  • There is a disconnect between where most organisations are today and where they need to be to meet the demands of the 21st century.
  • Helping employees positively connect with their workplace will be the single biggest factor in encouraging future growth and profitability.
  • That to be successful, organisations need to develop a new employment ‘deal’ that recognises the challenges of the modern world of work.
  • Organisations who embrace this will not only be today's employers of choice but will also increase shareholder value and release discretionary effort.  

Hot off the Press

For our recent Future Thinking Forum, we will be turned the spotlight onto the role of HR in today’s changing world of work. Specifically, we will be explored;






  • Whether business partnering has really transformed the view of HR in the way we hoped
  • If HR today is truly as agile and collaborative as the current workplace needs and demands
  • Whether it is time to redefine what HR today needs to offer and be
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