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Our community sits at the heart of all we do. From our practitioners to our clients and partners, we have developed a unique 'community of practice', where learning can be shared, challenged and developed. Collaboration is vital for the future workplace, so we try to model this approach in everything we do.

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  • Hybrid working- help or hindrance?

    At The Art of Work Ltd we've noticed the continuous hype and rhetoric around hybrid working is now reaching a crescendo but how do we make sure that the shift is a win-win-win for individuals, managers, and organisations? Read on to find out more.....

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  • Remembering

    Some words to refect upon this remembrance day from 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon

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    Future forum

  • Sharing and developing our thinking and ideas within our wider community through our future thinking forums and speaking events is some we both value and enjoy. Take a look here at what others say!

  • Hybrid working - help or hindrance?

    As we begin the tentative return to some kind of new normality with the gradual easing of restrictions in the UK, there’s real uncertainty about what that will mean in terms of where and how we work and how we will manage the transition. Some organisations are demanding a full return to the office, citing the benefits of collaboration and creativity, with others planning to continue with full working from home. But many are embracing the idea of ‘hybrid working’ encouraging employees to work from a mix of home, office and other locations viewing it as a ‘best of both worlds’ option.

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Community news

Listen to our latest Go Human podcast - The Human Exchange

Welcome to the Human Exchange podcast from Go Human our joint social enterprise with The Raw Brothers. In the first of our series exploring what it means to be human in today’s world of work, we hear from Sandra Evans and Andy Ward, two of the co-founders of the Go Human Social Enterprise.

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Developing others and giving back through the partners and relationships we have created is key to us. We value collaboration as this brings huge diversity of thought and really adds to our community of practice. Read more here about our key partnerships.

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