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Our community sits at the heart of all we do. From our practitioners to our clients and partners, we have developed a unique 'community of practice', where learning can be shared, challenged and developed. Collaboration is vital for the future workplace, so we try to model this approach in everything we do.

    Our reflections

  • Finding the human at the heart of the crisis

    We are living through extraordinary - often harrowing - times. I believe we all need to find the human in this global crisis. There’s a challenge circulating on social media to count the number of times you say ‘When all this is over …’ before stating how you will enjoy returning to ‘normal’ activities. There will be a moment when the social distancing measures lift and we gather together again, return to offices, visit theatres, go to concerts. But the likelihood is that this moment is much further away than we all imagine. And, some would say, things will never be quite the same again. This may be a good thing.

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  • How do we survive COVID-19?

    Accepting that lockdown is a reality for the next 12 weeks or so is key to adjusting to the enormous change in our lives as individuals, families and as a society.

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    Future forum

  • Sharing and developing our thinking and ideas within our wider community through our future thinking forums and speaking events is some we both value and enjoy. Take a look here at what others say!

  • Reimagining the future with 2020 vision

    So, as many businesses make preparations for a return to some sense of normality, the timing felt right to take stock and think about what we’ve all experienced during lockdown in the midst of this pandemic and to identify how we feel now and what we need to take from it. We also wanted to take some time together to think about the organisations we work for and with – have they really lived their values through this challenging time or merely paid lip service and expected service to continue as normal? Have our expectations of the workplace ‘deal’ we have or want shifted as a result of this? And what has it demonstrated about how our organisations can work differently in the future.

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Community news

The Art of Work 'Master the Workplace' podcasts have arrived!!

Tune into our latest podcast '[email protected]' which was recorded after our think trip earlier this year to Orlando and the House of the Mouse! This is the third in our '@Work' podcast series and follows on from our conversations on [email protected]' and '[email protected]'. This time we talk about the masks we wear to protect ourselves and think about what it means to remove the mask and be 100% human at work. Do let us know what you think!


Developing others and giving back through the partners and relationships we have created is key to us. We value collaboration as this brings huge diversity of thought and really adds to our community of practice. Read more here about our key partnerships.

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