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As recognised futurists and thought leaders in the future world of work, many organisations turn to us to gain insight into the trends impacting on the workplace - and more importantly, the strategy and leadership required to thrive. To gain a competitive edge, astute companies and leaders are also recognising that there’s a need to think and behave differently.

Using horizon scanning techniques and trend data to generate new thinking, we challenge our clients to take a step into the future and identify practical steps they can take to harness emerging opportunities.

One critical consideration for future-focussed organisations is to consider how to develop a more holistic strategy, supporting the link between people and place. We help create the step change in thinking to develop the organisation of the future, whether that's encouraging a more entrepreneurial approach to the business, encouraging ingenuity and operational agility, or embracing a more digitally-focussed strategy.

We also focus on learning for the future, a vital skill to enable responsiveness in the face of constantly changing priorities and challenges. We help organisations to explore the new learning context, discover a range of new techniques to support development in the workplace and embed the infrastructure to support today's empowered learner.


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Sandra Evans

Sandra Evans

Sandra is our Managing Director and co-founder of The Art of Work and put quite simply, is an acknowledged thought leader in our industry. Highly regarded as a futures architect and as a challenging speaker and practitioner, she is constantly in demand in the UK and overseas. Sandra consistently has her 'antennae up' for future trends and enjoys making sense of these for people today. Most recently she was invited to speak at the London School of Economics alongside other leading futurists on The Future of Work, challenging tommorrow's leaders to think the nature of their future careers.

Julie Blunt

Julie Blunt

Julie is our Creative Director and co-founder of The Art of Work and is an experienced learning design architect. She is the creative force behind all elements of our design, delivery and quality assurance and specialises in developing our innovative leadership and change programmes, working with futurists and business leaders across a range of sectors. Most recently Julie led our 'Beyond CSR' future thinking forum, generating fresh thinking about leadership and it's role in creating more purposeful organisations of the future.

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