Change and resilience

With the ever-increasing rate of change faced by organisations today, we help leaders, and those working in turbulent times, to gain a better understanding of business change in their organisation as well as a range of skills and strategies to help them to lead themselves and support others.

Using Bridges model of change and transition, we provide a supportive environment to share feelings and mark the shift from old ways of working, balanced with the need to stretch and challenge people towards a new future and a more flexible response.

We also work with individuals at all levels, providing supportive but stretching workshops and personal coaching designed to build self-awareness of potential resilience risks and to draw on internal resources to build mental toughness and grit.

Importantly, our services don't just focus on the impact of big transformation, but also on how to work with 'everyday' change; making sure we are all change ready and able to deal with the turbulence and uncertainty that the modern day workplace brings. We often talk about the 'VUCA' (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world as a way of characterising the workplace for many organisations today and we help leaders to develop right behaviours and skills to thrive in that environment and create a path for others to follow.

"I always look forward to the learning programmes they deliver for us as The Art of Work always think outside the box. It’s much more than learning and development – they work to help us build our strategy, provide coaching and mentoring and tease out issues. To deal with, Julie, Sandra and their team are always thoughtful, considered, and very sharp. They offer great solutions very quickly."

Lydia Hatley, Talent and Engagement Lead

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Russell Harvey

Russell Harvey

An executive coach and leadership practitioner with an engaging, empathic and positively challenging style. Russell's focus to understand the underlying behaviours that will lead to healthy, sustainable growth and change.

Penny Shapland-Chew

Penny Shapland-Chew

Calm and supportive, Penny elicits the best in people in her role as coach and leadership practitioner. She works with leaders in times of change and challenge to help them to find the resources to achieve their goals.

Niki Pountney

Niki Pountney

A leadership and change expert, Niki is one of our 'go to' practitioners. With an envious breadth of experience and skill, Niki uses her intuitive facilitation to challenge thinking and behaviour and bring about lasting change.

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