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We believe that new team development is about more than 'getting to know each other'. We believe it's about creating an environment to allow the team to strengthen, move from dependency on the leader to inter-dependent working, and towards a high level of performance. For this to happen, we recognise the time we spend with a client's teams is critical to create a catalyst for this development and generate honest and open relationships which will create the strongest bonds.

The need for new teams to establish themselves quickly and deliver results is crucial in today’s fast-moving workplace. We help you to fast-track the process by providing team development programmes and events that encourage the sharing and exploring of individual strengths and skills, identify and harness the essential team success factors and help create a sense of positive energy around the future of the team and the role each member needs to play to generate success.

For new teams, we believe using a diagnostic tool is an effective way to create a shared language, helping the group to understand and appreciate the different talents and styles within their community. We find Strengthscope an ideal tool to achieve this as it focuses on the positive talents of the team, helping to identify the individual and team strengths and also the gaps and areas for development and discussion.

"I have a long-standing working relationship with Sandra, and as a business, The Art of Work have never let me down. They are agile in their thinking, never lose sight of commercial business context and are able to bring broad experience into a relevant solution. They have a very positive attitude, work very hard and they run a good business."

Jason Cranswick, Commerical Director

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Valerie Stevenson

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