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Creating a cultural shift within an established team can be a challenge. Delivering deep change requires an environment where healthy internal debate and challenge is fostered and where there is a significant level of trust between team members.

We work with clients to establish tailored team coaching programmes that help to develop a positive group dynamic and build trust through a constructive forum; addressing and resolving issues both now and for the future.

With our highly skilled team coaching practitioners, we work with your teams to achieve success, whether this is about dealing with barriers to performance, building or maintaining relationships or helping your teams reach for a higher level of performance as they face challenge or change. Usually delivered through a series of short coaching sessions, this can be enhanced by offering individual coaching - either face to face or by phone - to personalise the learning and deal with any specific issues or barriers which may be hindering your team's progress.

"Our Art of Work colleagues had an infectious enthusiasm and active participation from the board never wavered throughout the year. I believe this has transformed our approach to leadership, has caused us to think about the way we communicate to our teams, means we grow new leaders in different way and we celebrate our successes more – which leads to better outcomes for the people we’re here to support."

Iain Macbeath, Director

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Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Anne is a highly skilled and experienced coach. She blends first-hand experience of senior roles in global organisations with a pragmatic and whole person centred approach to performance improvement, well-being and engagement.

Penny Shapland-Chew

Penny Shapland-Chew

Calm, open and supportive, Penny elicits the best in people through her coaching practice. She works with senior leaders and teams to clarify what they want and find the resources to meet their challenges.

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