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When there’s a need to provide highly tailored development, our coaching programmes offer the opportunity to take a deeper dive into personal challenges and goals.

We take a pragmatic approach to coaching, ensuring that, above all, our programmes provide individual support that is hard-wired into both personal and organisational needs. Our coaches have a wealth of experience drawn from industry, as well as the ability to use diagnostic tools to increase self-awareness where relevant.

Our unique alignment process ensures coaching goals and business needs are hardwired, with coaching grounded in the reality of the organisation and individual’s needs. Before the coaching is underway, we make sure we have absolute clarity on the expectations of the individual and organisation to ensure a tangible return on investment and a clear measure of success.

As Valerie Stevenson, who leads our coaching practice comments "Across our coaching practice we are usually working with individuals and teams who have achieved a good deal of success but whose future development often requires them to shift perspective, increase self-awareness and develop greater personal impact and resilience. We feel lucky to have great coaches in our team who each have distinctive styles, approaches and specialisms to meet these needs."

"It’s been an inspiring journey working with The Art of Work. It has stretched me as a leader and transformed the way I think about and approach a diverse range of leadership, talent and workforce challenges. They bring fresh thinking and insight, applied differently, with great results. As highly regarded thought leaders in their field, they collaborate with the best in the sector and have an impressively open and generous approach to developing others."

Samantha Evans, Director

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Valerie Stevenson

Valerie Stevenson

As a highly experienced senior coach and leadership practitioner, Valerie is a key member the Art of Work coaching community, providing one to one and team coaching across a wide range of industries and clients. She is committed to quality and client service for herself and our coaching team.

Manju Vekaria

Manju Vekaria

Manju is a leadership development and performance coach, gaining self fulfillment from helping individuals and teams reach meaningful goals by leveraging their true potential and improve personal well-being. As an intuitive listener, she brings an empathetic approach that creates an understanding of the environment, helping clients to act on the opportunities that cultivate positive change

Jo Lee

Jo Lee

Jo has joined our team to help us grow and develop our coaching and mentoring community of practice. Most recently Jo was Head of Coaching with Kaplan and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge and as a practitioner and coach she understands what her clients need.

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