Breathing space

Designed specifically to create time to step back and reflect on how we have experienced the past few years of lockdown and our current situation, it creates a ‘reset’, enabling us to bring our learning with us to build a fresh future. It is a space for honest open conversations, with time-deep personal reflection and the sharing of expectations, supporting us as we create meaning from our recent experiences, and valuing our ‘whole selves’ in the process. Above all, it’s about bringing us back together in a way that respects our individual experiences, honours our unique strengths and nurtures wellbeing, as well as developing a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

To this end, Breathing Space provide you with a catalyst and a platform to:

  • Make sense and meaning from our personal experiences during lockdown and beyond
  • Re-engage and reconnect with each other at a deeper level, exploring new and better ways of working together and supporting each other
  • Explore and restore our emotional wellbeing and boundaries

Breathing Space comprises two 80 minute group sessions – virtual or face-to-face – with a 20-minute reflective ‘space’ between. It is supported by our thought-provoking digital resources and a strengths-based diagnostic tool. Using our unique ‘step in, step out’ process throughout to explore our collective and individual experiences, we hope to create a safe and confidential space without judgement to explore learning and challenge thinking and expectations.

The sessions are supported by the use of Strengthscope, as we know using a strengths approach has proven benefits for encouraging personal resilience and engagement in times of crisis. We can work with any existing profiles your people may already have or offer fresh profiles if needed.


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Manju Vekaria

Manju is a leadership development and performance coach, gaining self fulfillment from helping individuals and teams reach meaningful goals by leveraging their true potential and improve personal well-being. As an intuitive listener, she brings an empathetic approach that creates an understanding of the environment, helping clients to act on the opportunities that cultivate positive change

Niki Pountney

Niki Pountney

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Russell Harvey

Russell Harvey

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