Mental health first aid

With the ongoing impact of the pandemic, we are seeing an increase in conversations where a client or colleague starts to present with mental health concerns or symptoms. We believe it’s vital to:

  • Create a safe and confidential space to explore different mental health conditions
  • Maintain our boundaries and not overstep our professional lines
  • Know when it’s time to refer someone on and who our trusted ‘go to’ people are

We have witnessed a significant rise in organisations with numbers of accredited mental health first aiders in their teams. But we are also aware that many people, whilst they enjoy their training, do not feel confident or have the opportunity to apply their learning ‘live’ in their own work or context.

At The Art of Work, we wanted to ensure that any Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training we offered was both of high quality and provided the time and space for organisations to really explore how to apply their learning to their own context and clients. Our aim was to move away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a more personalised and richer learning experience, which we feel is so important in this area.

Uniquely, we are able to offer our own bespoke course accredited by MHFA, led by either of our own highly regarded practitioners, Anne Archer and Andy Elwood – both experienced MHFA instructors. Mental Health First Aid England has approved Anne and Andy to deliver Adult MHFA. They bring with them a wealth of experience, and they enable deeper-level, company-specific conversations.

Anne is also approved to deliver Suicide First Aid courses - a truly valuable investment for todays workplace.


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Andy Elwood

Andy Elwood

Andy is a highly skilled Mental Health First Aid instructor (in-person and online) and a mens mental health campaigner and speaker. He has run attention-grabbing campaigns such as #itsoktotalk ‘Big22’ video, and founded #MenDoLunchDay 2018, which became a global event in 2019. He uses his 1973 classic Land Rover as a vehicle to promote men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Learning and developing have been in Annes DNA since early years and she has three distinct roles that keep her learning and on her toes: member of faculty for the Resilience Engine, mental health educator and executive and leadership coach. She has focused on expanding her understanding of the mental health agenda and is trained as a Crisis Volunteer, Suicide First Aid and a Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

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