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Many people are continuing to struggle with the combination of the ongoing and sustained switch to home-working, and the often significant stress. Many organisations have invested in mental health first aid but as a manager, having the confidence to initiate a wellbeing or mental health conversation differs significantly from awareness and understanding. Our development aims to give managers and team leaders the confidence and capability to have supportive conversations to help their teams now and in the future.

We have designed this as a highly practical and thought-provoking, providing opportunities to discuss concerns, explore and – most importantly – practice communication techniques, and to identify when and how to intervene to support others working in a virtual environment. The focus will be on how to support and take care of others but also to find new ways to develop ongoing resilience and balance in your team for the future.

Designed as a 80/20/80-minute programme, with video and case study and e-workouts offering ideas to apply and further resources to explore, we help managers to:

  • Overcome the barriers to holding wellbeing conversations in the workplace and when working from home
  • Enhance confidence and skills to support the wellbeing of others, both face-to-face and virtually
  • Find appropriate ways to step in, reassure and support a person in distress when working ‘at a distance’
  • Build trust ‘at a distance’ – how to create an environment that supports wellbeing and increases trust in a home-working situation
  • Communicate without judgement – how to listen without judgement, ask questions to build trust and understanding and know how to ‘leave the door open’ for the future
  • Spot stress and emotional health indicators – how to identify those who may need your support and how to notice it in yourself through the ‘stress indicators’

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Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Learning and developing have been in Annes DNA since early years and she has three distinct roles that keep her learning and on her toes: member of faculty for the Resilience Engine, mental health educator and executive and leadership coach. She has focused on expanding her understanding of the mental health agenda and is trained as a Crisis Volunteer, Suicide First Aid and a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. The trauma training, suicide prevention work and Conversations for Coaches around Mental Health ensure that her practice remains relevant and current to her clients.

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