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Cross cultural leadership in CBPartners

How do you drive high performance leadership to the next level?

Cross cultural leadership in CBPartners

The brief

A phrase we often use is: "What got you here won’t necessarily get you there", but how do you drive and ensure high performance when growing a global business beyond its orginal aims?

Specialist pharmaceutical and biotech consulting firm CB Partners asked us to help hone their leadership style to foster high-performing teams with a positive culture, and help with a shift in emphasis from delivery to management as the business continued to grow.

The challenges

CB Partners’ employees are bright, articulate and capable people based in New York and San Francisco as well as the UK; they are experts with deep sector-specific and scientific knowledge, market analysis skills and client management skills. Requiring them to further develop their leadership skills on top of their day day job was no mean feat, but critical in order to take their teams to the next level of performance.

The solutions

Julie Blunt - our Creative Director who led on the design of this programme, elaborates: "Working in partnership with our client, we developed a highly interactive programme focussing on personal leadership and leading others across cultures to create high performing teams. We wanted to encourage exploration of new thinking and best practice in the light of the rapidly changing world of work, but with a focus on practical application within CB Partners. Areas of interest included:

  • Transitioning from excellent delivery to excellent management
  • Developing an honest feedback culture
  • Understanding and working with global team dynamics
  • Driving performance across virtual teams

The results

Now moving into its third year, we are seeing true results from this programme. The openess of the two founding directors to see leadership development as a key enabler to their continuing growth was both refreshing and inspiring. feedback has indicated that the increased business performance and results can in part be attribited to their strategic foresight and investment.

Julie Blunt

Julie Blunt

Developing the relationships as well as the skills and capabilities was key in this assignment with a business entering a growth phase. Working with them over time was immensely fulfilling and helped to encourage a shared development journey for the leadership team.

Sandra Evans

Sandra Evans

Working with bright, articulate individuals in a sucessful but growing business is always both interesting and demanding, and also what I loved most on this programme. Without exception, everyone involved took the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge while embracing the diversity of cultures within this global team.

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