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We believe, in today’s world of work, it is critical to be able to perform at your best. We offer a range of options to support individuals, whatever their role, to be the best they can be; whether that’s about their ability to organise and prioritise their work, to operate effectively under pressure, or to communicate and work effectively with others.

We deliver these in a range of formats from whole day workshops to our unique bite-size skill shots. These intense, short burst learning sessions, either face-to-face or virtual, are designed to fit within the busy work schedules of learners today.

Our workshops and programmes cover a wide range of topics, focussing particularly on those areas relevant for the workplace of today and tomorrow, whether it's the need to work effectively in a virtual or global environment, the need to be more agile and responsive, or how to collaborate across and outside the organisation. We have a particular focus on helping develop personal impact and presence, and use our rehearsal facilitators to help people to be their 'best selves', often in the face of challenge and change.

Whatever the topic, we provide a safe place to develop fresh approaches to developing relationships and enhancing personal effectiveness.

"The Art of Work brought a different perspective and level of thinking to the activities they provided and were able to understand the nuances of our organisation and adapt solutions to meet their needs. Their directors and practitioners were all highly valued by me and the business and were of a highly professional standard so I have had no concerns with recommending them to other organisations."

Lara Jubb, Head of Learning

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Simon de Cintra

Simon de Cintra

With a career background in American Express and having trained as a professional actor with the Actors Company, Simon uses his unique performance-based skills as the basis to deliver our leadership programmes, personal impact workshops and in his one-to-one coaching sessions with our clients. Now a published author, he works tirelessly to help people 'unlock their business voice'.

Niki Pountney

Niki Pountney

With an ability to turn her hand to a wide range of topics, Niki is quite simply one of our 'go to' learning practitioners. With an envious breadth of experience and skill, Niki uses her intuitive facilitation to challenge thinking and behaviour and bring about lasting change.

Sophie Edmond

Sophie Edmond

Sophie is an experienced learning practitioner, and brings her high energy approach to a wide range of topic areas. She works collaboratively at all levels, providing learning solutions aligning to business strategy, objectives and company values.

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