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Here at The Art of Work, we’ve always strive to meet the needs of the current and future world of work. We’re known for developing powerful, bespoke solutions to meet those needs, developed in partnership with our clients; but sometimes you just need to find high quality off-the-shelf solutions to respond quickly to your learning needs.

In today’s time-pressured world, with the added challenge of the sudden increase in remote working following the COVID crisis, it’s often hard to lay your hands on exactly what you need, when you need it. So we’ve created a portfolio of ready-to-run skill shots which can be delivered across a range of virtual platforms by our expert virtual delivery team. Ready when you are to engage, support and challenge your learners.

Learning trends have changed. Forward-thinking organisations are increasingly looking for more innovative and flexible learning options that can be blended with in-house development. The ability to learn and develop at pace is the most essential skill needed to meet workplace demands both now and in the future. This, combined with the unprecedented workplace changes brought about in response to the global pandemic, means that virtual alternatives to traditional face-to-face learning are needed now more than ever.

Our powerful virtual ‘skill shots’ workshops are a series of high-energy 90-minute sessions designed to meet the needs of learners today but allowing space for conversations and collaboration. Using a range of online platforms, including Zoom, WebEx and Adobe Connect, they provide the ultimate flexible development option and can be:

Standalone or paired development boosters:

  • Used to create focus and energy around a particular topic (such as performance reviews)
  • Bolted together to create specific programmes, for example, to support new managers
  • Used to support on-the-job development programmes and reflect the 70-20-10 approach
  • Tailored to match your current context or specific learning needs

Each of our skill shots is supported by either a digital e-workout or a digital memory card to help embed the learning and provide onward development ideas and resources. For those topics where we feel skills practice is helpful, these are shown as paired sessions.

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The Art of Work responded very quickly to our request for development to support our people through Covid-19, as well as run some more traditional topics in a virtual format. The support and execution was seamless and the production team and facilitators worked excellently together.

Andrew Fennemore, People Development Manager - The Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Niki Pountney

Niki Pountney

“Delivering skill shots, in my experience, is a great way to get hold of a topic and really explore it with participants.”

Manju Vekaria

Manju Vekaria

I really value a collaborative and inclusive approach that helps people to bring their best selves to work. It's great to be part of a team that delivers impactful learning experiences and enables positive change.

Phil Mardlin

Phil Mardlin

“Clients love these skill shots as they are highly focused, incorporating relevant shared learning experiences all whilst being accessible from wherever the delegate is working.”

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