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New world careers require new world thinking. The concept of a job for life has gone and with flatter organisation structures and the need for a more flexible change-ready workforce, we believe we need a fresh approach to how we think and manage careers in organisations.

We work with organisations to develop workshops and virtual skill shots designed to challenge traditional career thinking, provide practical tools to help develop self-awareness and encourage individuals to take ownership of their career paths. Our programmes create a catalyst for individuals to reflect on their career journey, identify and build on their strengths, and find ways to navigate the new world of work to set them on a course for success.

Unlike other career development programmes, we focus on what is needed now and in the future as the career landscape changes around us. We make sure all our programmes reflect the latest in career thinking which we translate into practical, 'grounded' workshops to generate new thinking and create real momentum.

"The Art of Work brought a different perspective and level of thinking to the activities they provided and were able to understand the nuances of our organisation and adapt solutions to meet their needs. Their directors and practitioners were all highly valued by me and the business and were of a highly professional standard so I have had no concerns with recommending them to other organisations."

Lara Jubb, Head of Learning

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Sandra Evans

Sandra Evans

Sandra is our Managing Director and is an acknowledged thought leader in future careers. She leads The Art of Work career practice and is currently working with LSE to develop a new career model fit for today's world of work.

Maureen Obatomi

Maureen Obatomi

As an experienced pharmacist, leadership development trainer and ‘organised creative’, Maureen’s coaching journey has been inspired by her passion for developing authentic leaders and cultivating healthy interdependent, integrated work cultures and communities.

Manju Vekaria

Manju Vekaria

Manju is passionate about developing individuals and teams to achieve high levels of performance through a focus on wellbeing. She approaches organisational challenges in an integrated manner by considering the psychological & physical aspects of personnel development.

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