Management fundamentals

Successful management doesn’t necessarily come as second nature, so developing essential skills and behaviours to those new to leadership can be a challenge.

We can equip your managers with a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and skills to see them step up quickly and confidently into the role.

Our programmes offer a careful balance of support and challenge, helping managers explore how they prioritise and where they focus their attention, how to engage and motivate their team and deliver high performance, and how to hold meetings and informal discussions that make a positive difference. We’ll arm your leaders with practical real-world tools; from effective methods for delivering challenging messages, to how to support themselves and their teams in times of change and uncertainty.

A vital grounding for anyone new to a leadership role, as well as those with more experience, our lively, practical approach makes use of challenge scenarios and thought-provoking discussion to encourage real understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of management. Our firm focus on the changing world of work will ensure your managers are fully equipped with a raft of skills and behaviours fit for the future as well as today.

"It has been a pleasure and inspiration working with The Art of Work this year and many thanks for working with us to make a success of our Management Development Programme and the recent Strengths work which has had great feedback and engagement scores."

Marie Petts, HR Director

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Russell Harvey

Russell Harvey

An executive coach and leadership practitioner with an engaging, empathic and positively challenging style. Russell's focus to understand the underlying behaviours that will lead to healthy, sustainable growth and change.

Maria Salkeld

Maria Salkeld

Maria’s flexible and intuitive style makes her an in-demand practitioner for leadership programmes of all levels. She is an experienced strengthscope practitioner and trainer, which she applies with great success for leadership learners and team development.

Jacqueline Jardine

Jacqueline Jardine

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