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Leadership in action at MoneySupermarket

How can you stretch your leaders beyond their comfort zones?

Leadership in action at MoneySupermarket

The brief

When the leading comparison website, MoneySuperMarket, asked for our expertise in building a leadership team capable of taking the organisation to the next phase of growth, we were delighted to take on the challenge with innovative, blended solutions.

As a growing and highly successful brand, MoneySuperMarket needed leaders who were confident and able to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. With a new CEO looking to drive the business forward, the focus was on building a leadership team ready to help the organisation into the next phase of growth. As part of this evolution, they wanted a new, blended leadership development programme with a level of stretch to take people out of their comfort zones and make them think differently about their roles.

The challenges

The brief required an imaginative solution with the right balance of practical takeaways and future-focussed thinking, making use of digital tools as well as face-to-face interaction.

The solutions

Julie Blunt, our Creative Director, explains the approach she took: “We wanted a lively, highly interactive programme to encourage fresh thinking which feels relevant but also points to the future. We developed a series of immersive workshops with a range of challenge scenarios and live simulation to bring to life some of the real-life challenges faced by our learners. The themes were ‘Leading today’, ‘Leading tomorrow’ and ‘Leadership in Action’.”

But it wasn’t just about a series of workshops: “We wanted the programme to be a fully blended solution with some digital input and some stretching, inter-module activities and thought-provokers. We also wanted to encourage an online leadership community to share issues, ideas and best practice. Using a blend of digital tools, social media and face-to-face workshops, we made sure that the programme became a rich and challenging experience.”

The results

Sandra Evans, our Managing Director, concludes: "We love working with MSG who are not afraid to be brave and push the learning boundaries to ensure their leaders are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require now and for the future. The 'Leadership in Action' programme is still live and a work in progress, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Maria Salkeld

Maria Salkeld

Maria led this programme for us, facilitating a number of Strengths-Based programmes and working with Moneysupermarket in a consultative and collaborative way, ensuring the content was always fit-for-purpose, relevant and adapted to meet the client's needs. The whole team at The Art of Work have truly connected, supported and valued mine, the client's and the delegates' contributions and feedback along the way. As Maria says, "I believe the feedback received is a testament to the quality of work we deliver, in the design, delivery and programme management. Personally, it has been a wonderful experience working on this project with The Art of Work as their belief in helping work places be more productive, positive, and fit for the world of work today and the future holds firm with my own beliefs, and I look forward to supporting them more in the coming months."

"It has been a pleasure and inspiration working with The Art of Work this year and many thanks for working with us to make a success of our Management Development Programme and the recent Strengths work which has had great feedback and engagement scores."

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