Mentor and coach development

Creating a pool of career champions as mentors or coaches through the organisation is a highly effective way to support the new, agile career model.

We provide training for both mentors and mentees to help develop a productive working partnership, establishing the foundations for the relationship and the skills and behaviours to help it to work effectively. We can also upskill managers and HR professionals to become career coaches within the organisation.

Our unique and challenging ‘Career Expert’ programme is designed to ensure you have a pool of in-house specialist coaches able to support your people to find their purpose and direction, and encourage a sense of career ownership throughout your organisation. Using practical and robust methods, we can work with both experienced coaches who wish to specialise in careers, and those business leaders who wish to take a more active role in supporting careers within your organisation.

For those organisations wanting to develop their mentoring programme, we can provide practical, and innovative programmes using our experienced rehearsal facilitators to bring to life the conversations and bring the right level of challenge to make sure your learners are ready to put their skills into practice straight away.

“The feedback from this workshop programme was overwhelmingly positive and attendance was high, and we now have significantly more engagement around careers and progression within the organisation. A real win-win for everyone involved."

Jo Mallia, Global Head of Learning and Development

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Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Anne is a highly skilled and experienced executive coach. She blends first-hand experience of senior roles with coaching expertise and supports others to become first class mentors and coaches.

Valerie Stevenson

Valerie Stevenson

A highly experienced senior coach and leadership practitioner, Valerie delivers our mentoring and coach programmes with professional vigour. She is also supervisor for our in-house coaching community of practice.

Harri Mardlin

Harri Mardlin

As one of our lead rehearsal practitioners, Harri brings to life the true nature of mentoring with her challenging but thoughtful 'live simulation' style and approach.

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